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Recently, the official documents of cities across the country have released the news of unlocking purchase restrictions and injected a slow-release agent into the somewhat cold real estate. But the style of the Imperial Capital Beijing is obviously different. 90 Degree Real Estate recently visited various districts in Beijing. For the housing prices in Beijing, I felt the winter temperature and the cold wind!

Data from Zhuge's housing search show that Beijing's new housing market ushered in the "Silver Ten" last week, and the transaction volume increased; however, the second-hand housing market remained low, and the transaction volume fell 2.17% from the previous week. At the same time, the market price of second-hand housing in Beijing urban area fell in 10 urban areas, and only Shijingshan and Tongzhou 2 urban areas rose. Among them, the market price of second-hand housing in Shunyi fell the most, reaching 1.75%.

Breathing the air of the imperial capital, have you faintly felt the house price changes around the living area. In this big drama, there are helpers of second-hand housing owners who are helpless to cut prices, developers to light the sales office lights at night, and just need a hidden concealed determination.

Beijing is so big that from one district to another, it seems to be going through several cities. The housing price situation in each district has a different look. This issue of 90 Degree Real Estate surveyed the real estate market in Beijing's Chaoyang, Haidian, Daxing, Huanjing and other districts, presenting a "temperature-oriented house price picture" for fans.

Didu House Price Prospects: Investors Departure, Second-hand Housing Winter, Small Trials around Beijing

Chaoyang: 1 million house prices cut like "buying cabbage"

In the afternoon on a working day on Monday, Pharaoh had eaten early and walked to Zhongfangli District near Sanlitun, Chaoyang, which was agreed with the agent Li Jia. After talking with the agent on WeChat, two minutes later, Li Jia and his sister Zhang Quickly rushed from the store to the gate of the community. Sister Zhang said that because she has n’t watched much recently, she brings a group of two customers every day, so come with Li Jia together to help you get the keys to see the house.

Both Pharaoh and his daughter live in Chaoyang. The family of four daughters lives in the old school district house built in the 80's of Tuanjiehu. Pharaoh and his wife live in a bedroom in a nearby community. With the birth of her daughter's second child, Pharaoh felt that her daughter's two-bedroom room became more and more cramped, and she successively visited the house near her residence.

This year, each time I looked at several sets, Li Jia said the most to the Pharaoh, "the price can be negotiated."

This time Li Jia took Pharaoh to see the school district room. Pharaoh looked left and right in this three-bedroom apartment, except that the area was larger than the room where his daughter now lives, and the decoration conditions were very different from her daughter's current one. After the replacement, The money for renovation is another big expense.

Li Jia saw Pharaoh's hesitation. The cold wind was gradually rising. Li Jia wrapped her down vest outside her suit to supplement the price of the house. "Uncle, this residential building is quite new and can still be seen. Panoramic view to Sanlitun. This 95-square-foot, three-bedroom, one-living room has a listing price of 9.5 million. In fact, we can help you talk about 9 million, which is the owner's bottom line price. "

Seeing that Pharaoh did not answer, Sister Zhang who came with Li Jia added, "The decoration is a bit old, but the money for the decoration can be squeezed out of the house. We try to talk to the owner about 8.5 million at this bottom line price."

Straight down one million, Pharaoh finally got excited, "Beijing's current house prices, it doesn't feel like cutting down 500,000."

The second-hand housing market is the same as the weather in the imperial capital.

The same is true of the apartment project soho standing in the Sanlitun business district. Sanlitun soho is also one of the main projects that Li Jia and colleagues watch. When the house was delivered in 2008, many Shanxi coal owners bought an entire floor at an average price of about 30,000. However, recently, some owners who have multiple properties in Soho have listed their properties for sale due to various problems such as lack of funds.

Some investors are leaving.

This is the case of a client who owns 3 properties in Soho, because he has been in Japan for a long time and lacks funds recently. He decided to sell 2 suites, including an apartment with a total price of 10.5 million 155 square meters. The customer told Li Jia 10 million can be traded. However, due to the slightly poorer layout of the house, the customer has recently been a little unconfident and is considering continuing to cut prices and sell.

Didu House Price Prospects: Investors Departure, Second-hand Housing Winter, Small Trials around Beijing

Haidian: Buyers are waiting for a suitable time

One week after the eleventh holiday, one afternoon, in a brokerage store in Shuangyushu, Haidian, the gold medalist Xiaogang was helping the old customers who want to change rooms to pick the right one. Some colleagues in the store were busy calling. Linking customers, there were intermittent sounds of tables and chairs moving around intermittently.

Speaking of the recent market situation around, Xiaogang told 90 Degree Real Estate, "It doesn't feel like a sharp price reduction. The transaction volume is definitely down, but it is generally stable. But there is currently a market with ample housing, so things like The top floor, the street, the apartment type is not good, and the transaction tax is more. This type of house with "defects" is not easy to sell. If you are in a hurry to sell, we definitely recommend that the owner lower the price because most customers are not particularly high now. The enthusiasm for buying a house is suitable, and then shot. Now only the owners who bought a house will take the initiative to contact us to reduce prices. "

Speaking of which, Xiao Gang showed a recent client transaction record to 90 Degree Real Estate. It is located at 62 square meters, 2 rooms and 1 hall in Zhichunli, Haidian District. In August, the customer gave a price of 5.82 million. "This house In September, the transaction price dropped by 350,000 to 5.47 million, and the unit price fell by nearly 7,000 yuan. "

"Actually, customers also know that the market for second-hand housing has been lowering prices, so customers are quite satisfied with this transaction result." Xiao Gang said.

"Mother of Haidian" Monica is more anxious. Monica's son just went to elementary school in September this year. Monica had planned to replace a bigger house when her son went to elementary school. In 2016, her house's listing price was 7.3 million yuan. .

Changing rooms is to create a better learning atmosphere for my son. Indeed, starting from kindergarten, tutoring in English, Go, math, vocal music, and even programming baby needs a separate space. But Monica waited and waited, and now the listing price of their house dropped by 15% from 7.3 million yuan to 6.2 million yuan.

However, the suite that Monica and her husband liked also dropped from 9.6 million yuan to 8.8 million yuan. This made Monica take a reassurance pill, and wait, there may be more suitable and cost-effective houses.

Didu House Price Prospects: Investors Departure, Second-hand Housing Winter, Small Trials around Beijing

Nancheng's new house "Red Sea" is a battlefield for developers

Except for the second-hand housing in some areas, how is the performance of the new home market? Since Beijing entered the era of restricted housing, Daxing, located in Nancheng, has been one of the focus of discussions among home buyers. From the perspective of supply, Daxing is one of the areas with the most intensive competitive housing, and it has become the Red Sea of limited competitive housing supply!

The Yizhuang plate with its own industrial zone is not only the first choice for buying houses in Daxing, but also one of the areas where supplies are gathered together. Of the 100 residential properties in Beijing that have been sold, 24 are in Daxing and Yizhuang areas. Such intensive land supply will undoubtedly make competition in the restricted housing market more fierce, and further increase the difficulty of elimination. Yizhuang plate belongs to the 90-degree real estate feedback of many projects in the sale limit. The current Yizhuang plate is in a tepid state, and the product is the core element that really touches buyers.

So, in this "Red Sea", has the price of new homes fallen?

A person in charge of Yizhuang project said to 90 degrees that in fact, the company's new house project in Yizhuang did not have a substantial price reduction, but just took a few discounts on some properties with poor orientation, location, and floors. The average price was cheaper per square foot. several hundred.

From the perspective of sales volume, the person in charge felt that the products just needed had little effect, such as three-bedrooms of 90 square meters, and four-bedrooms of 120 square meters were still hot-selling products, mainly improving the products, which had a greater impact, like villa products in non-traditional high-end villa areas Seriously slow sales.

One "public secret" is that developers are generally paying a higher percentage of channel sales commissions.

In addition, a small number of people who are optimistic about Yizhuang but have limited house purchase options choose a commercial house. The Yizhuang agent said to 90 degrees that the Lincoln era in Yizhuang District was very popular and sales were very high. Many colleagues from this project Get the channel commission fee. However, the neighboring Guorui Jinding commercial projects are much bleak. Because the products are not as good as the Lincoln era, the heat is very low, and they are basically not sold.

Compared with the above-mentioned regions, the sales situation in Nancheng is a bit bleak. They are Pangezhuang and Weishanzhuang in the airspace economic belt. Although the average price is limited to around 40,000 yuan, the project's selling price is around 37,000 yuan per square meter. It is the area where the price of limited-selling houses in Beijing has been reduced the most.

Didu House Price Prospects: Investors Departure, Second-hand Housing Winter, Small Trials around Beijing

Around Beijing: "Small Trials" from a Paper in Yanjiao

Under the heavy control of real estate control by Emperor Capital, the area where the strongest strength is felt is Beijing. This strength has impacted many people who bought the Beijing property market at a high point, making them bullish all the way. The restless night rushed to the freezing point.

However, with the recent release of a paper in Yanjiao, a crack appeared on this ice surface.

On October 18th, Sanhe City, Langfang, Hebei, issued a "No. 18 Document for Restriction on Loosening Purchases", which showed that employees of units directly under the central government, universities, and hospitals in Yanjiao Suburb or enterprises introduced in the name of Yanjiao High-tech Zone have no housing in Yanjiao. A newly-built commercial house can be purchased in Yanjiao; cadres and employees relocated to the Beijing City Sub-Central Organs and Institutions will implement a "certain three limits", that is, strictly limit specific personnel, purchase a house, limit sales for three years, and limit prices.

After this document was circulated, many people regarded it as the thawing of the Yanjiao property market. According to media reports, many sales offices in Yanjiao turned on the lights overnight. This is "a pool of standing water" Yanjiao property market began to restlessly.

However, the current suburban Yanjiao real estate revealed the eligibility to buy a house is not consistent. Other analysts believe that "how big is the loose mouth" seems to be a problem, in fact, they are all tentative.

Regarding whether Yanjiao is worth buying (300785, shares), Zhang Dawei, a famous analyst, said, "As an enclave around Beijing, Yanjiao is indeed suitable for young people living in eastern Beijing to buy a home, and the current price is only over 10,000, which is already the majority. Prices in third- and fourth-tier cities in the south. It is indeed worth considering. "

Of course, when buying a house, you still need to see the area clearly. Yanjiao is also very large. There are basically no new houses in the core area. Now Yanjiao is basically a second-hand housing market. When buying a house, you need to avoid being fooled by so-called purchase restrictions.

Looking at Beijing, Zhongyuan Real Estate summarized the Beijing property market in the third quarter, saying "there has not been any loosening of policies and the transaction volume has increased slightly." From the macro policy point of view, as of the third quarter of 2019, the purchase restriction policy was radiated to 38 regions around Beijing, accounting for nearly 50% of the total number of cities in Hebei. The purchase restriction policies of some cities in the Beijing area have been adjusted slightly, and the adjustments have a weaker impact on the overall market. Shijiazhuang (Real Estate) Housing and Construction Bureau issued two documents to strictly investigate and rectify illegal construction and the construction market, and further strengthen the supervision of the real estate market; Guan County announced that the threshold for settlement policies has been reduced.

The transaction data of the new house market shows that in the third quarter of 2019, the housing market in Beijing, including Langfang urban area + Yanjiao + Gu'an + Xianghe + Shijiazhuang + Zhangjiakou (real estate), rose by volume and fell. A total of 15,500 units / 1.6006 million square meters were transacted, the number of units sold increased by 26% from the previous month; the average transaction price was 12,300 yuan / square meters, which was a decrease of 13% from the previous month.

Only in Shijiazhuang, the number of transactions in one region decreased year-on-year. The number of transactions in five areas, such as Langfang City, Yanjiao, Gu'an, Xianghe, and Zhangjiakou, increased year-on-year. Among them, Zhangjiakou increased the most, and the number of transactions increased by 4 times.

90 Degree Real Estate interviewed an Xianghe agent yesterday, "Xianhe has not loosened the purchase restrictions at present, but some developers in Yanjiao and Dachang have changed from the original full installment and are now a down payment mortgage purchase method. Documents come out. "

The intermediary has some confidence in the Beijing market and feels that the market in North Three counties is now picking up. "Now it is fast. Although prices have not risen now, it is estimated that the next round should rise. Individuals expect that there will be a round of increase in the middle and early November, provided that the government has no control."

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