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One of the characteristics of recent financial policy adjustments is to allow the adjustment of interest rates and reserve ratios to be cut from real estate. Why do we need to take such extreme measures? After learning from the lessons learned from multiple adjustments, we suddenly discovered that economic laws and the development of the property market Not synchronized. There are high and low levels of economic development. The way to manage economic growth is to add more water and more water to ensure that the rate of economic growth is within a controllable range.

However, when the same method is used to regulate real estate, a strange phenomenon emerges, that is, real estate is developed at a high speed no matter what measures are taken. Insufficient supply of houses will cause prices to rise and prices will increase. When inventories, prices are still increased to destock, this problem is contrary to general economic laws. This is also the reason why many previous adjustments have always been price increases. Therefore, after this round of regulation and control entered a critical period, decisively adopted the method of cutting down the property market regulation and economic adjustment.

Recently, there are reports that sales offices in some areas have become lively again. In fact, the goal of regulation and control is mainly to regulate house prices. After house prices have fallen, it is a normal phenomenon for house transaction volume to increase after coordinating with people's income. Is it a bad thing to pick up the property market? No. However, the recovery of the property market often occurs at the same time as the rise of housing prices, which is worrying. If the recovery of the property market is only an increase in transaction volume, it is an increase in development volume, an increase in completion volume, and a low price transaction in the land market. No one is upset about this recovery.

However, in the past, with the increase in transaction volume, developers often raised housing prices again. Their purpose was to create a market panic phenomenon. And people often have the mentality of buying up or not buying up, which makes a lot of speculative people flock to the sales office. There are also many lively activities planned by developers. In this way, the real estate market is getting hotter and hotter, and housing prices are getting higher and higher.

The recent changes in the mortgage interest rate and the LPR interest rate have reversed adjustments, indicating that the main means of regulating the property market is no longer monetary policy, and the effect of this regulation is mainly the effect of purchase restrictions. After the effect of cutting interest rates is cut from each other, there will be no good for the property market. Because the interest rate cut funds are strictly restricted to flow into the property market. The tight real estate capital chain has not seen the opportunity to unravel.

Therefore, the pressure of macroeconomics makes the possibility of lower interest rates more and more, and also makes the relevant departments more and more aware of the crisis in the property market. On the one hand, cutting interest rates, and on the other hand, shouting that the regulation will never be relaxed. This is indeed a funny thing. No matter how you shout, people still like to see the results. You ca n’t just shout, it ’s meaningless. If you want to say that regulation is not relaxed, you have to come up with new and stricter regulation and control policies. If only shouting and no measures to keep up, no one believes that regulation is still there. The regulation of the property market is also the same as sailing against the water.

One requirement that has been emphasized on various occasions in the past two years is that regulation cannot be relaxed. The regulation of the property market is not only a matter of the interests of a few people and a few places. The task of real estate regulation has not yet been completed. It cannot be relaxed or repeated. The strictest real estate regulation in the history of this round has lasted for more than three years, and the results are obvious to all. However, to maintain this situation, difficulties and pressures continue to increase. If the price rebounds, the embarrassing situation of "more and more adjustment and rising" in the property market will occur again, and the results of the previous control may be ruined.

Recently, the relevant departments have stated that they must persist in the regulation of real estate, and that the "house is lived not speculated" position is unwavering, and resolutely curb the rise in house prices. Promoting the long-term stable and healthy development of the real estate market is the established goal of regulation. Continue to consolidate the results of regulation and control and promote the reasonable return of house prices.

This is not only a matter of the interests of a few people and a few places. It is also about promoting the transfer of structure and adjusting the structure, and it is about strengthening the people's government in the long run. It will not control unreasonable demand. , House prices will not rise sharply. Trust is a major issue concerning the foundation of governance. Real estate regulation, the task is still not completed, we cannot relax, let alone repeat.

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