• First anniversary of purchase restriction: Hainan inlaid with Phnom Penh is still waiting
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Buying a house is the most convenient way to share the dividends of urban development. Hainan inlaid with Phnom Penh was once a place for many people to sit and watch the clouds rise.

However, on April 22, a year ago, after being hit by the global purchase restriction implemented by Hainan, the people here seem to have returned to the dilemma of "going to the water". Of course, this is also in line with the plot logic.

However, the gold-wrapped clothes wrapped in real estate always revealed his unique temperament. On the first anniversary of Hainan ’s global purchase restriction, when I felt the city at a close range of 90 degrees, I still smelled of “floating and floating, there is no waiting dream to dissipate”.



April is probably the hottest season of the year in Hainan. The noon sun hangs overhead, like a fully-powered oven. The concrete road was steaming hot, there were few pedestrians on the road, and at the end of the road, high-rise buildings stood in the sea, which seemed extremely unreal in the dazzling sunlight.

There are also unrealistic real estate projects that have experienced the "prosperity and loneliness" infiltration. The demarcation point is after the famous phrase, "Drumming the money bag and destroying the ecology".

For a certain project in Luzhou, Hainan, the display center is quite deserted now. It hovered for ten minutes in the sales hall at 90 degrees, and no sales consultant approached. In fact, this situation is common throughout the island.

"Since the purchase was limited in April last year, we have sold a total of 66 suites, but we have a total of more than 1,800 units in the first phase!" A local developer in charge of a local residential property developer said on Monday that this was never "embarrassing."

He said that in 2017 Hainan's property prices were good, and they started a new round of real estate investment . The new project is equipped with hot springs, artificial lakes, five-star hotels, and retirement hospitals. According to past development experience, such a house is not worried about selling at all. "At the time when the market was good, we had a project, with 1,600 units in the first phase, sold out in two months, 4,000 units in the second phase, and sold out in three months."

In fact, since last year's Hainan heroes broke their wrists and went into real estate, after the region's purchase was restricted, in addition to the one-armed support of the provincial capital Haikou under the just-needed support, all 18 cities and counties (except Sansha) in the province have experienced a cold housing market. Without the right to buy a house, the transaction is particularly difficult.

An intermediary broker used a set of data to describe this "badness": In 2018, Hainan's commodity housing market was close to being cut, with the transaction area down 46% year-on-year and the number of transaction units down 48% year-on-year. The average price increase of 31% is the only goodwill to Hainan property market in 2018.

Of course, even if there are Haikou developers who just need support, the days are not much better. At the end of August last year, the competent department of Haikou City interviewed more than ten well-known housing companies, stipulating that existing houses, regardless of floor and room number, exceeding 17,300 yuan / square meter, will not be recorded for price, and the government will strictly investigate the contract splitting and will not accept the rough Delivery etc. Previously, the average new house price in Haikou exceeded 20,000 / sqm.

Faced with the current situation, the trend of developers here is also divided into two categories: small and medium developers lacking money have begun to transfer land and projects; large developers who are not yet short of money have shown high expectations for the future Hainan property market.

"For the construction of a free trade zone (port), the policy must be liberalized. After solving the housing problems of local residents, public officials, and investment executives, the rest of the market should be completely liberalized. The government can figure it out. It must be figured out, and the government will figure it out soon. "

When he said this, Monday's eyes were confused and firm. The real estate company he is in now has ample cash flow. Now he will return to Shenzhen (real estate) twice a month to negotiate new real estate development. As for Hainan, he is still waiting ...

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