• The property market's "Golden Nine" is inadequate in the next stage or it is more and more.
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In the context of tightening policies, the property market's "golden nine" is inadequate. According to data released by the Shanghai (Real Estate) E-House Research Institute, in the first half of September, the transaction area of newly built commercial residential buildings in 40 typical cities it monitored increased by only 1% from the first half of August. In addition, the annual transaction volume of the property market during the Mid-Autumn Festival is an important factor contributing to the "Golden Nine", but from the perspective of this year's transaction situation, the market performance in various regions is relatively flat.

Data show that from September 22nd to 24th, Beijing (real estate) new commercial housing transactions were about 360 units, second-hand housing cumulative transaction 74 units; Shenzhen (real estate) new commercial housing transactions was only 212 units; Shanghai new commercial housing transactions was about 515 The transaction area was only 34,000 square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 4.4%, which was the least transaction in the past five years.

Guo Yi, chief analyst of Heshuo Institution, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that although the new and second-hand housing market in Beijing still maintained a certain degree of transaction after entering September, the new housing market in Beijing has always been in an oversupply market environment. Therefore, the main reason behind the increase in transaction volume is that the supply is increasing, and buyers can choose to increase the number of transactions, which makes the overall transaction volume increase.

“By comparison, the situation of Beijing's second-hand market is even less optimistic.” Guo Yi pointed out that although the volume of second-hand housing in Beijing in September was still able to maintain around 15,000 units, which is above the market's cloudy and sunny balance line, but currently new The tenant ratio has continued to decline, reflecting the lack of new demand in the second-hand housing market. It is estimated that starting in October, the Beijing second-hand housing market will enter a new round of downward cycles.

"Although the transaction volume was relatively flat in September, but from the recent increase in discount sales promotion activities of major real estate companies, we can see that house prices have seen a downward trend." Zhang Dawei, chief analyst at Zhongyuan Real Estate, told the Securities Daily reporter that In the first stage, the phenomenon of rising housing prices will gradually increase, and the adjustment of housing prices will also show characteristics from point to area. Especially for hot cities, purchasing power will hardly support the market to continue to rise.

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