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  • Average price: 8,000 yuan for high-rise building / 7800 square meter for small high-rise building
  • Opening date:
  • Delivery date 2019: August 2022
  • Property Address:
  • North of Yonghe Street, North of Yingbin Road, Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province
  • Sales address:
  • Gaobeidian Future City Experience Center
  • Main units:
  • High-level 85-98-110-115 Small high-level 86-100--110
  • Developer:
  • Long kitay
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  • Property Overview ▽
  • type of property:
  • Long Kitai Properties
  • Delivery standard:
  • Blank is not installed
  • Type of apartment:
  • High-level 85-98-110-115 Small high-level 86-100--110
  • Total number of sets:
  • Area:
  • 83,000 square meters
  • construction area:
  • 220,000 square meters
  • Volume rate:
  • 2.0
  • Greening rate:
  • 36%
  • 采用人车分流设计理念,地上行人,地下行车。 Traffic conditions: Adopt the design concept of traffic diversion, pedestrians on and off the ground. Time guarantees the safety of pedestrians while leaving more space for greening. 10. The project has 20 buildings in total, with two houses on one staircase, and various types of high-rise and small-rise buildings. The building area is about 85-135 square meters. There are many types of houses for you to choose from. There are public and private partitions in the house design, separated from the static and dynamic, transparent from the north to the south, and the large landscape bay windows bring you visual enjoyment.
  • 项目配套星际穿越儿童乐园,青年运动场地、颐养花园及宠物乐园、健康跑道、文化广场等多种娱乐设施,以及项目西侧720亩燕赵公园,满足全龄住户不同需求 Peripheral facilities: The project is equipped with a variety of recreational facilities such as the Star Trek Children's Park, youth sports grounds, home gardens and pet parks, healthy runways, and cultural squares, as well as 720 acres of Yanzhao Park on the west side of the project to meet the needs of residents of all ages.
  • 规划中央十字景观带缔造“移步换景”的视觉美感;采用五重园林景观设计理念,局部地形进行微地形处理,让您犹如把家安在了公园中。 Internal supporting: planning the central cross landscape belt to create the visual beauty of "step-by-step changing landscape"; using the five-fold garden landscape design concept, the local terrain is treated with micro-topography, making you feel like home in the park.
  • 规划中央十字景观带缔造“移步换景”的视觉美感;采用五重园林景观设计理念,局部地形进行微地形处理,让您犹如把家安在了公园中。 Detailed introduction: Planning the central cross landscape belt to create the visual beauty of "step-by-step changing landscape"; using the five-fold garden landscape design concept, the local terrain is subjected to micro-topography treatment, making you feel like home in the park. 1. Location: It is located in the core area of the 8500 acres of Shengshi New City, and is very close to the old city, providing convenient conditions for community residents to travel. Project area: The project covers an area of 83073 square meters, with a total construction area of 220,000 square meters and a greening rate of 35%. A total of 20 dwellings, 1,319 households, 9 in the first phase, 5 small high-rises, 4 middle and high-rises, a total of 585 households. There are bus stations 101 and 102 on the side, and 838 bus station on the southeast side that leads directly to Beijing Liuliqiao. The southeast side of the project is 2 kilometers away from the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway and 4 kilometers from the East High-speed Rail Station. 4. School: The southeast corner of the project is a kindergarten, and the northeast corner ... more details
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